Livby is just getting started and the sky's the limit!

Livby's mission is to bring live shopping to the traditional world of fashion
e-commerce and encourage up-cycling and sustainable fashion

Aug 2019

Headquartered in Los Angeles and launched in 2019.

"Livby enables brands and consumers to interact in a way like never before," says CEO and founder Shai Sudry. "For the shopper, it's an easy-to-use interface that enables them to engage with either new or favorite brands and to purchase on demand. For brands, we offer a new, easy and engaging format for them to interact with their customers. It's a win-win for both parties."

Oct 2021

Livby Presents “House of Style” in Beverly Hills

The event brought out Jamie Chung, Jessica Belkin, Madison Pettis, Marta Pozzan, Chaley Rose, Asia Monet Ray, Caylee Cowan,models Delilah Belle, Ava Dash, Michelle Wozniak, Adison Justis, Joy Corrigan, and more for a DJ set by Caroline D’Amore. The ladies guests were treated to beauty services, wellness activations, and fashion styling sessions with Cuttrell.

Dec 2022

A brand new suite of features makes Livby even more user-friendly!

Livby launched the brand new version of Livby to attract millennials users. New way to add products and adding seamless shipping solution will provide users with a better user experience.

The BEST platform to buy & sell fashion live